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Waterloo Bridge

When the wife of a gangster offers Tommy a lucrative contract, he grasps it with both hands. Little does he know that the risks will end up higher than the … Read more

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Being Tommy Boronovski

When Mike Bray is grabbed off the street on his way home on an ordinary Friday night, his world is turned inside out.

Coerced by the head of a South London crime gang to impersonate low-level criminal Tommy Boronovski, Mike quickly learns how to lie and side-step in order to keep his family safe.
He must somehow find a way of protecting his family from threats of violence, and maintain his own ethics and morals as he treads a seemingly impossible path.
When the borders between himself and Tommy become blurred, it leaves him questioning his true identity, and hostage to his own temptations.

Find out what happens in this gripping story of survival and self-discovery!

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The Sydney Quartet Box Set

This quartet set in Sydney are all stand-alone, full length novels, and can be read in any order. Each has its own main characters, yet share some common secondary characters … Read more

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Shadow House

She’s out to avenge her sister’s death – he’s on a path to self-destruction. Heather Todd’s life had never been easy, but when her sister died as a result of … Read more

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Cerise Noire

Six months after his partner was murdered, Rick Stone returns to Sydney trying to pull his life back together. While he was away, two more women were murdered, each seemingly … Read more

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Meet Me at Harry’s

Can a dishonest American cop teach Nick to live again, or will she get him killed? Can they stay out of jail, stay alive, and stay together? Find out in … Read more

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Flank Street

Awarded the AIA Seal of Excellence for Outstanding Fiction, and the prestigious B.R.A.G. Medallion, Flank street is an unforgettable novel from “One of the most distinct and exciting new voices … Read more

Na Mira dos Tubaroes

Uma mulher e sua lascívia por dinheiro e perigo… Um homem e seu anseio por risco e adrenalina… Será que eles conseguirão aliciar o submundo de Sydney e sair impunes … Read more

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Flank Street – Portuguese

Uma mulher que deseja dinheiro e perigo … To homem que anseia por risco adrenalina … Conseguirão eles enganar o submundo de sydney e matar impunemente? Ou acabarao os dois … Read more

Includes 20% tax

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