Die Makarov

A woman in need of money and danger …
A man hungry for risk and adrenaline …
Can they fool the whole gangster scene in Sydney and get away with murder?
Or will both end up on the floor of a dark alley?
Nobody can believe you. Nobody can be trusted.
Welcome to King’s Cross …

When Micky DeWitt sails to Sydney, Australia, his fortune is nothing more than a run-down yacht, his mind, and the skills he has acquired as a devout criminal.
Aimless, cynical and dishonest, even to herself, Micky takes on a job as bartender in Sydney’s dodgy red-light milieu at Kings Cross. He is a chameleon and sees himself as both an excellent criminal and a relaxed world-warrior. He wants a relaxed, good life, driven by the desire to ‘get away with it’ and is dependent on the adrenaline rush that comes with this life.

Carol Todd is turned on by money and risk. Carol does not have something like “enough”. Your being an escort for a few affluent customers is only a means to an end, backed by a few gangster contacts. But what she needs for her latest dizziness is a scapegoat-someone she can use and then get rid of as soon as she’s done with him. Micky DeWitt seems to be the perfect guy for it and to tap into her sensual and seductive sex trap.

With allusions to his twisted chivalry, Carol leads him to a hedonistic free fall. When Mickey’s life gets completely out of control, it does not take long for theft to become arson and accomplice murderer. And no matter what he does, someone is always hurt … or even killed.

“Exciting, bold, unpredictable, and seasoned with black humor, Flank Street perfectly captures the atmosphere of Sydney’s criminal gangster scene.”

Voices from readers:
“Damn brazen and brilliant!”
“The dialogue is short, cunning and concise, with just the right amount of street jargon to make Flank Street a captivating read for fans of hardened thrillers.”
“This book is an absolute must-see for anyone looking for a Thriller Noir.”

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